The Government Boiler Grant Manchester, as the name suggests, it is aimed at supporting eligible Manchester residents in replacing their old, inefficient boilers with new highly efficient boilers. At Eco4Pros, we are a team of energy efficiency experts who work with Manchester residents to take advantage of the Boiler Scheme Manchester. We guide you through the process, from determining your eligibility to apply for the scheme, enabling you to enjoy reduced energy bills and, most importantly, a reduced carbon emission attributed to energy usage.

How Can I Qualify for A


Qualifying for the boiler grant Manchester is simple but has various requirements that need to be met. Here’s how you can find out if you qualify for the funding residents are offered:

At the same time, one must be a recipient of any of the following benefits:

  • Income Support
  • Job Seeker’s Allowance
  • Pension Credit
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Employment and Support Allowance
  • The current condition of the boiler

One must be a resident of Manchester whose income after household expenses is less than a particular level and the age and efficiency of your existing boiler are also an essential part of the process. Typically, boilers more than ten years old form the category of inefficient boilers that can be replaced through Boiler Grant Manchester offers.

Check Free Eligibility

    Boiler Grant Manchester


    If you do not qualify for the boiler replacement grant Manchester, then there are still a number of options open to you which would allow you to make improvements to the energy efficiency of your home at low cost. The Government’s boiler grant Manchester also allows people to apply for a discounted boiler replacement. Some of the options you might consider are as follows:

    1. Financing Plans: At Eco4Pros, we have years of experience that will help you get through these discounted boiler replacement schemes application process and their flexible financing plans in which one is allowed to spread the cost of a new boiler over several months or years for a cost.
    2. Energy Company Obligations (ECO): Another government-backed scheme is ECO- the Energy Company Obligation, which forces energy companies to help improve energy efficiency in homes. In case you fall short of the boiler fund, you may still find yourself eligible for support via ECO. The support might come in the form of subsidies for boiler replacements or other such energy efficiency measures of this accord.
    3. Self-Funded Options: If one is in a position to self-fund it, then it can be thought of as a long-term savings investment in a new, energy-efficient boiler. Of course, the initial outlay would be offset by reduced energy bills and maintenance costs thus translating to savings in the longer term. Besides, green loans are available in some banks just for financing energy efficiency improvements with most of these having attractive terms.


    The government boiler grant Manchester has numerous advantages for the eligible homeowner. The advantages do not stop with the money saved but go into personal comfort and even larger environmental goals.

    The most obvious benefit of the modern boiler is considerable cuts in energy bills. These new central heating boilers are much more efficient because they tend to run at efficiency levels in excess of 90%, and a new boiler could replace one operating as low as 60%. This could develop into very useful savings on your heating bills. A new boiler to replace your old boiler minimises the carbon emission of your house. This is your contribution to this fight against climate change and it adheres to the pledge that the UK makes, of decreasing the emission of these gases.

    A new boiler provides you with more reliable heating and hot water. It keeps your home warm and comfortable throughout the year. Modern boilers installed with government boiler scheme Manchester supports are constructed to offer consistent performance.



    The ECO4 grant represents funding allocated to energy-efficient home improvements, including new boiler replacements for low-income households and those on specific benefits.

    The low-income households, people receiving specific benefits, and those houses that have inefficient heating systems can get a boiler grant Manchester.

    To qualify for a free boiler grant Manchester, you need check if you meet the set criteria by giving your household income, kind of benefits you received, and how inefficient your current boiler is. You need to contact an approved installer for a full eligibility check.

    The funding service in Manchester provides grants and schemes that enable residents to replace their boilers alongside other energy-efficient improvement measures in their homes.

    The value of a boiler grant Manchester will vary, but this can extend to cover the full amount for a new boiler and its installation, especially for eligible households.

    The eligibility for the boiler upgrade scheme includes households with inefficient boilers, low-income families, and those receiving certain benefits like Pensions or children benefits.

    No, boiler grants offered under schemes such as ECO4 do not need to be repaid.

    Yes, people over 60 years old who receive certain benefits or have low incomes can have assistance in getting a new boiler through schemes like ECO4.

    The average UK price, concerning different types of new boilers, runs between £1,500 and £3,500.

    A new boiler will cost from £1,500 on the bottom end to £3,500 on the high-end model of the price spectrum.